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Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Reflexology – calming & balancing

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a technique which uses the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which relate to specific parts of the body. It is a non-invasive treatment where the therapist uses various specific pressure techniques with their thumbs and fingers to maintain the delicate balance between all the systems of the body. These systems work in harmony and unison to keep the body in a state of good health. Reflexology brings about a balance to the body and healing is both initiated and accelerated with this treatment.

Reflexology is not and never should be a painful experience and can bring about the same relaxation and restfulness as that of a holistic massage. It is also an extremely useful therapy in times of stress when the body can become unbalanced and sleeping well is difficult.

For clients that wish to have reflexology but do not like the idea of their feet being touched or indeed may have a medical reason that prevents them from having reflexology of the feet; HAND RELFEXOLOGY uses the same principles and again is very restful.

Reflexology can benefit most people as it helps to increase the wellbeing of the client.

reflexology2Continuous stress can lead to many health problems and many clients find a regular treatment once a month aids relaxation which in turn makes improvements to their health problems.

It is impossible to give further details about the benefits of Reflexology here on this page so you are invited to call Nina and have a chat to see how she might be able to support your issues.

Nina has over 22 years of experience supporting clients with Reflexology and has vast experiences. Every client is assessed during their first consultation and will be given individual specific advice and reflexology treatment.

A reflexologist will never diagnose your problem and you are advised to see a medical doctor if you have concerns. Many reflexologists now work in health centres and NHS hospitals.

International Federation of ReflexologistsHome visits are possible for the elderly or if you are unable to visit the clinic due to ill health.