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Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?

The aim of the nutritional therapist is to alleviate or prevent illness and promote optimal health of the client by conducting a holistic assessment of their nutritional requirements and to compile an individual prescription for diet and supplementation.

Specific nutritional factors are identified, depending on medical history, family genetics and long term lifestyle adopted; these will be different for each person.

To improve health, the nutritional therapist is looking to change the biochemistry in the body to a more balanced state, explaining to the client the physiological impact of deficiencies in the diet and also excesses. It is important for the client to understand the reasoning behind their nutritional treatment plan and their health condition.

nutrition display foodPoor health develops over a period of time; improvement can only come about if changes are made to diet and lifestyle. What we eat and what is absorbed or not, as the case may be, is the key.

Advice given has scientific background research. The nutritional therapist works towards balancing the root cause of health problems where this is possible.

Nina is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist from The University of West London.

How could Nutritional Therapy help you?

Nutritional therapy focuses on the medical history, lifestyle and diet of the client. Toxic burden from numerous sources with poor excretion results in cumulative damage to metabolic processes with an increasing susceptibility to chronic disease. Depending on genetics, mineral & vitamin requirements vary and must be recognised.

Nutrition focuses first on eating, or not eating, particular foods to achieve balance and improvement but supplements may be necessary to provide the additional nutrition required for specific conditions.

It can be beneficial to use the Biofeedback Quantum SCIO for assessment and support. Technology supports the consultation.

Nina is specifically trained in the care and support of those with gluten sensitivity & coeliac disease


All consultations take place in a warm, quiet and private room where you can relax.

At your first appointment a full consultation will be taken; you will be asked about your health and the medical history of yourself and your immediate family. This will be discussed along with your general wellbeing and lifestyle. You will be asked to provide a list of a typical week’s food to include drinks at your first appointment.

With discussion a dietary prescription and treatment plan will be drawn up which will not include foods you dislike. It is important that you understand the impact which biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies have in relation to your condition. It usually takes about a week to implement all of the recommended dietary changes and it is appreciated that some may need longer especially when completely eliminating specific foods.

Nutritional supplements are generally suggested to support the digestive system and indeed the whole body whilst repair is happening. It is necessary to realise that there is a cost involved with these.

It is in the client’s interest to follow diet and advice given by the therapist and this condition must be agreed upon when receiving nutritional therapy. All information is confidential.

Private Laboratory tests using urine, stools, blood, or sometimes hair may be necessary to provide indications of toxicity or organ functioning.