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Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner

Nina Pearson – Complementary Health Practitioner


What is healing?

Healing is defined as “the natural process by which the body repairs itself”.

There are various styles of healing each with a different name but all healing involves the direct transfer of energy from the healer to the client and this is usually through the intermediary of the hands.

It has been scientifically proved that healing with the hands has a measurable effect upon enzymes and other physical systems of the body. The energy of the healer during a healing session is qualitatively similar to powerful magnetic fields. Inactive protein molecules within the body are stimulated by the energy and return to functional activity. The direction of change within the body has been shown to be in accordance with the natural cellular intelligence of the body thus healing-into-wellness will always take place.

healingHealing affects the body on all levels and treats not only the body but also the mind, the spirit and the emotional well being of the client. During the healing session the healer will sense imbalances within the client’s energy field including the physical and the flow of energy will initiate balance, repair and recharge of the individual.

A healing session will also involve a consultation along with advice on lifestyle direction and support with making changes. The positive results achieved with healing need to be maintained as with all therapies and so the client must learn to take responsibility for their own health. Moving away from harmful situations and changing old patterns of behaviour are often difficult but necessary before the full benefits can be felt and a permanent shift in health is made.

Healing is beneficial to everyone and for most conditions. There are a few situations where healing is not advised and these will become evident during the consultation with the client.
Training included that of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers